Cavalier (10 cm brim)

Cavalier 100% straw toquilla, handmade.
  • 10 cm brim

Let no one doubt your level of derring-do and flamboyant showmanship with this fine straw toquilla cavalier's hat! 

Gorgeous and luxurious, Cavalier fedora style hat can be worn with both bikinis on a sunny day and elegant dress on a night party. A bigger 10 cm brim gives extra defense from the sun and offers a unique accessory to your most outstanding looks!

Panama hats are created using Toquilla straw - a renewable natural resource made from young Toquilla palm fronds and harvested without harming the main tree. These hats are unique, exclusive, and 100% eco-friendly. Each hat is designed in Miami by Cat&Bonnet and woven by Artesian women in Ecuador - the only place in the world that makes original Panama hats. Paja toquilla, or toquilla straw technique, is a heritage technique identified by UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


Color: Royal Blue

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