Who's Wearing Panama Hats?

Donning a wide-brim hat is more than just a way to keep the sun out of your eyes. Celebs are showing that the summer hat trend isn't stopping anytime soon. Although you might expect such sound style choices from longtime wearers, like Sean Connery and Johnny Depp, straw hats have been spotted on everyone from Jennifer Anniston to the royals — Megan Markle and Prince Charles are particularly notable fans.

What makes the white fedora so popular with stars? It doesn't hurt that these accessories go well with any ensemble, and it's also helpful that they're infinitely personal. Wearing a trilby or Panama hat is a smart way to spice up an otherwise normal outfit, and since you can modify them with your choice of bands and other elements, you can really go all out when it comes to self-expression.

Although the humble brown fedora was once reserved for big-screen icons, things have changed since the days when you had to live in Hollywood to be a trendsetter. Nowadays, putting on a wide-brim fedora from Cat & Bonnet is an accessible way to stand out without having to make tough style decisions — perfect for the fashion-aware Millennial who'd rather not bother taking forever to look amazing.

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