Top 3 things to look at when choosing the perfect panama hat

Weave Qualities

The fineness of the natural toquilla palm used to weave a hat directly impacts its end cost. When using thinner fibers, artisans require more material, skill and time to create the same-sized hat.

Another important factor lies in how even the weave is. Master weavers are extremely proficient at avoiding irregularities to produce straight, regular woven rows, but this takes time and money. 

Material Selection and Design

The quality and color of each hat's straw are critical cost determiners. You also can't forget about the work that goes into the shaping and finishing tasks, such as washing, dyeing and trimming. Larger hats naturally cost more than their smaller counterparts.

Picking the Perfect PanamaHat

As you can see, Panama hat price tags aren't just a reflection of what's in style. They reflect a long chain of decisions that reach back to the craftspeople who make these amazing pieces of functional, durable art. 

The panama hat is just as famous as the highly worn fedora hat.

Want to ensure you get your money's worth? Buy your brisa, liano or fino Panama hat from a company that respects the complete process as well as the artisans behind it.