Picking the Ideal Women's Fedora

The men's fedora hat gets a lot of love for historical reasons? But what about the women's fedora? As the apparel world grows more conscious of the fact that everyone appreciates fantastic fashion, it makes sense that more females are wearing trilbies, fedoras and Panama hats.

At Cat & Bonnet, we love keeping up with fashion trends, and this is no exception. That being said, not everyone knows how to choose the ideal designer millinery for their style adventures. Here are a few pointers:

  • A typical women's fedora doesn't look too much different from the men's versions — except when it comes to size. Make sure that yours fits comfortably for the best effect.
  • Dark colors are always en vogue. Eleonora Petrella and other influencers show that the rule also applies to black fedora hats.
  • It's hard to go too big with a wide-brim fedora. You might want to stop short of what some models wear on the runway, but for shade, there's nothing better. Just remember your SPF.

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Eleonora Petrella 

Tracee Ellis Ross 

Gucci fedora