Great Style Pairings for Your Favorite Paja Toquilla

What goes best with a super cute hat? Although it all depends on your preferred type of headgear, certain choices make it easier to mix and match without committing a fashion faux pas. For instance, Emma Stone, Beyoncé and infinite Coachella imitators have all been noted wearing some variant of the wide-brimmed style along with various outfits.

What's the secret to rocking a paja toquilla? Although confidence works wonders for any fashion debut, it's also worth remembering the basics. For instance, you're unlikely to go wrong by pairing colors, such as matching your favorite red fedora style from Cat & Bonnet with a chic red blazer.

Considering the straw fedora hat's South American origins, you can also create a splash by picking materials and patterns that hearken back to the traditional style, including clean white blouses, loose-fitting tops and cool, flowy skirts. Of course, you can make a strong statement even without going for the full effect by picking a simple accessory that complements your trilby, such as an animal-friendly, ecologically sound handbag woven from beige seagrass or soft rattan.

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